The Ripple Effect in Action

MyCause Water was founded upon the idea of the Ripple Effect, it truly only takes one small ounce to create dramatic and phenomenal change. We want to share with you a source of inspiration which keeps expanding the ripple!

Most of us reading this post have the luxury of food, water, a place to call home, and access to medical attention when we need it. But there are still many people in this world who do not have those basic necessities, which we we often take for granted.  The story we are about to share with you is one that emulates someone’s deep desire of wanting to make a difference and pure happenstance.  A couple of months ago Mr. Fitzgerald our Co-Founder received an unexpected phone call.  The person on the other end of the phone was Jeanie Kellet.  She was faced with a problem that would deter most people, but it didn’t stop Jeanie.

Jeanie’s passion is working with METAD (Medical, Education, Training and Development, Inc.). METAD provides healthcare solutions and community development initiatives to the under-served around the world.  They have a heart for the poor in Nicaragua, and have worked tirelessly for many years to send containers of food, supplies and medical equipment to this country.

When Jeanie called she was experiencing a wonderful problem.  Recently there had been an amazing outpouring of donations of medical supplies and equipment to this wonderful cause…but where would all of the equipment be stored? Where would the supplies be sorted and packaged into containers?  She needed help, but didn’t know who could help her?  She tirelessly called many people, asking for support, each not being able to accommodate the organization’s growing needs.  That was until she called Mr. Fitzgerald. Mr. Fitzgerald became the next drop of water by donating 5,000 square feet of warehouse space in Spartanburg, SC. The warehouse provides ample space for the donations that have already come in, and it creates even more space for future donations! The donations have been pouring in even stronger now that they have ample space.  We would like to thank Jeanie and METAD for making a difference and sharing your pictures with us!

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to support this wonderful cause visit

Keep up the good work Jeanie, METAD and Restoration Church and thank you for being those first few drops of water!




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