Basics of Recycling

Want to recycle, but don’t know how? It is a very simple process and only takes a few extra seconds!

First, you need a designated bin for the recyclable material. You can put this bin right next to your trashcan so its super convenient, which will help to get you in the habit of recycling.

Next, instead of just throwing all used materials in the trash, separate them. Put the plastic, glass, and paper products in your recycling bin and the rest in the trashcan. Before putting these items in the recycling bin be sure to empty out all liquids and food. Then, if necessary rinse out container.

Basic Recycling

Finally, when the recycling bin is full you can take it to the nearest landfill and drop the materials off there. If you don’t have the time to take them to the landfill try calling the company that picks up your trash. Most companies now have a recyclable truck that comes around and picks up all recyclable materials if the customer wishes.


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