August Non-Profit Pressing Needs

We have many registered organizations here at MyCause Water, and we would like to share some of their most pressing needs for this month. If you are interested in getting involved and helping these organizations, please contact them to see what you can do to help!


The most pressing need at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church is repairs to our Youth Center due to the damaged sustained during the storm on Friday evening June 29th. While insurance will cover most of the structural damage, the replacement of many items in the youth center (not covered by the insurance) due to the water damage will be required. A very large tree fell on the Youth Center causing major structural damage to the roof, several rooms, a bathroom and smashed windows. In addition to the structural damage, we suffered rain/water damage as a result of the gigantic hole in the roof of the building and the broken windows. Visit


The Greenwell Foundation is getting more phone calls and emails looking for scholarships/financial help for kids to attend camp than ever before! We will graciously accept donations of any amount. The scholarship fund allows children with disabilities to attend our inclusive summer day camps at a reduced, and in some cases, no cost. Visit



As a result of serving so many annually, we are in need of assistance with the following items for our mental health outpatient clinics including: art supplies for children, dollhouses, and children’s tables and chairs as well as someone to repair our wallpaper and build a wall to separate our conference room into two offices. In addition, we do need newer computers and laptops for our clinicians. We sincerely appreciate the community’s support. Visit




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